What does the green dot mean?

What does the green dot mean in popcorn? Simply put, it means ‘Notice me’! Because popcorn Email Marketing & Lead management has Smart tools, we constantly track your contacts, whether it is then re-opening an email, clicking on a link or even if they come back to your website, separate from an email. whenever popcorn […]


4 + 1 steps to smarter email marketing

Simon Washbrook provides his recently published four steps to developing smarter email campaigns that add value to your readers and will increase your conversion rates dramatically. This article – 4 + 1 steps to smarter email marketing, originally appeared in PM magazine. For further details go to www.pmforum.co.uk  


Popcorn Email Marketing vs MailChimp (Comparison)

Features  popcorn MailChimp Email Marketing & Tracking Contact based Website Tracking  Tracking Individual Users (IP & Mac Address) Lead Scoring / Prospect Identification  Sales Pipelines Campaign folders Smart Filtering / Segmenting One-Click CRM Contact Activity Timelines Task Manager Drag & Drop Editor  Phone Support (Marketing) Phone Support (Technical)    Marketing Automation  Coming Soon    

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