Email Marketing 101: How To Increase Delivery Rate?

If you have trouble understanding any industry jargon and buzzwords used in this article, have a look at our Glossary of Terms. This is where all the email marketing terms are defined and explained. Otherwise, enjoy this read 🙂 Sometimes your emails bounce and instead of landing in the mailbox they get lost in the […]

Glossary of Terms for Email Marketing

We decided to write a quick cheat sheet for anybody who struggles to understand some of the email marketing buzzwords as well as for those of you how are already confident with email. The article is divided into two parts; first it’s going to walk you through all the general Email Marketing definitions and then […]

4 + 1 Steps To Smarter Email Marketing

The founder of popcorn Email Marketing,Simon Washbrook, provides his recently published four steps to developing smarter email campaigns that add value to your readers and can increase your conversion rates dramatically. The below article originally appeared in PM magazine. For further details go to  

4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Email Marketing 

Even though many of us know email marketing from our daily interactions with newsletters, marketers often struggle with email marketing as they experience high unsubscribe rates and low open rates. In this article we will takcle such problems and give you 4 suggestions that could help you design better strategies, generate better email ideas and […]

Make Marketing Easier

Make your marketing activity easier.

It happens with everything in life – stuff builds up all the time. Leave it long enough and you’ll then find it very easy to ignore and put it off as it’s just too big a task to sort out at all. Time is best spent elsewhere. Much like paperwork. The trouble with your CRM database’s duplicated […]

How to Win the Video Marketing Game: 4 Most Engaging Video Types in Content Marketing

  The winning way in the video marketing game is to create engaging content that leverages your brand’s image in your target audience’s view without actually trying to sell anything. This can be done by creating content that interacts with the imagination, grabs emotions, or proves useful for your audience–or, even better, does all three. Video content […]

10 Easy Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Database

How to Grow your Email Database

The foundation of any good email campaign is the quality of the contacts in your database. A database that has opted-in contacts and is regularly marketed to, will give you the best results. This blog post highlights 10 tips that will allow you to quickly and easily grow your database. These tips use both soft and hard opt-in methods; […]

GDPR Guidance: ICO Announces What It Will Publish And When

The Information Commissioner’s Office gave more details on Friday 20 May 2016 about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidance it will publish Over the coming six months from May 2016 to October 2016 the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which will be led by Elizabeth Denham from 28 June, will publish guidance on the following topics: An overview […]

‘This Is Personal’: eGR Digital Marketing

Developing a personalised marketing strategy is seen as a crucial battleground in egaming, but one with few victors so far. EGR Digital Marketing finds out how the war can be won. The egaming industry has always been a big fan of buzz phrases, and ‘personalisation’ is one word which has caught the imagination of many in recent years, slowly creeping its way into the […]

Email Marketing Best Practice

There are typically four reasons why businesses start email marketing – to boost sales, drive brand awareness, build credibility and relationship building. Although the main reason that most business owners and marketing managers take up email marketing is to drive additional traffic through to their website and into their sales pipeline. In this guide I […]

You’ve Got Mail


Have a look at this recent article that Simon Washbrook. founder of popcorn, was quoted in, talking about why email is an will continue being the backbone of business communication: ‘Anyone with a registered account at an online gambling operator will no doubt have become accustomed to regular emails filling their inboxes from the company in question. From the promotion of new […]