Data Security Policy

Your personal data is secure.

  • We host our systems one of the worlds leading and robust hosting platforms, then separate or website from our databases to minimise the risk of attack and your complete peace of mind.
  • We use encryption and access controls to protect your passwords and user names.
  • Your credit card details are handled securely by Worldpay (one of the world largest payment portals), so we will never see your credit card details, nor can we use them for anything other than you have agreed.
  • We take system security seriously, by using firewalls, website intrusion detection software, rigorous software testing and constantly upgrade our security / functionality to ensure that it is robust.
  • We backup our system so in the unlikely event of a system crash / the world ending you can be sure that you data is backed up.
  • In short, please be assured that we do our best to ensure that your account and data is kept safe and secure!