Smart Features
Helping Small Businesses Win More Sales

Sales Pipelines that can be Personalised

Not only can you add a prospect at the click of a button, but popcorn will save you time by automatically adding ones identified from your Email Marketing activities, where you will then be able to manage them through a Personalised Sales process and view individual contact details, without ever needing to leave the page you are on.

Drag & Drop 

A really easy to use, Drag & Drop Prospect Management Tool that allows you to customise pipelines and nurture your contacts 

One-Click Contact Manager

One-Click access to your Contacts, allows you to instantly access a contacts details, History, and add notes, where ever you see their name. 

Reminders & Tasks

Set reminders & tasks, with Email notifications so you never miss an opportunity.

Click to Email

Quickly Email a entire Sales Pipeline in the click of a button.

Smart Scoring for Increased Sales Lead Qualification

Knowledge is everything... by monitoring your Contacts' activities, popcorn Email Marketing will automatically rate your Contacts (Hot, Warm, Cool & Recent) based upon their online behaviours , which saves you time by giving you loads of qualified leads for you to follow up on. This is done by tracking Contacts from the point that they open your Email, through to the specific pages they look 

Identify More Leads

By tracking and scoring all your Contacts activities across both Email and website visits (yes we track all the pages they look at on your site, including re-visits), we then join all the information up in a simple timeline, where are able to identify specific leads.

Integrated with Sales Pipelines

New leads are automatically added to the Sales Pipelines for easy identification, where you can then manage them along your personal Sales Pipeline or quickly added reminders or notes.


This information is then fed in real time to popcorn's Contact Manager along with Notes and other offline activities. popcorn then rates them as a Hot, Warm, Cool or Recent prospect.



We track your contacts Email and Website activity based upon their IP address and Mac address, so you can be confident that it is a specific contact, not someone from the building that they are in.

Manage your Contacts in One-Click!

Gone are the days of wasting time, trawling through faceless pages of Open and Click reports to understand what your contacts are interested in.  We have built popcorn around your contacts and developed a really easy to use One-Click principle, whenever you ever see a contact name simply click on it to access their details, add notes, tasks and see a timeline of their Email & Web activity.

  • Joining up your Contacts on & offline activities
  • Segment Contacts with fast tagging tools
  • Easy to use with an intuitive timeline history
  • Real time tracking of Email & Web activity in one place
  • Add Notes, Tasks and get Emailed Reminders

Combine this with our Smart Scoring and Sales Pipelines, and you have the perfect CRM that joins up your Database Management, Email Marketing, automated Prospecting and Sales Process in one easy to use system.

Detailed Reporting with Smart Filters

Open & Click reports are so yesterday... we have developed Smart filters that can be applied to any list of names in popcorn, to tell you the information you need in a matter of seconds. Actions can then be applied to any report (Email, Tag, Add to Sales Pipeline, etc...) at any stage. Combine any reports and identify contacts that have or have not :

  • Opened & Clicked Emails
  • Visited specific pages on your Website
  • Been marked as either a Hot, Warm or Cool Lead
  • Have specific Tags
  • Appear in Sales Pipelines
  • Plus Much More...

Being able to segment your data this quickly and easily means that you can target your Database Smarter and Win More Sales faster. 

Smart Filters

Save time by Quickly and easily segmenting your contacts on multiple criteria (Clicks, Web page visits, activity, etc...) in a few clicks, allowing you to easily segment and target your messaging. 

Actionable Reporting

At any stage of filtering you can select a few or all contacts to apply an action to, these range from adding Tags, Exporting, Deleting, adding to a Sales Pipeline or sending them an Email. 

All Reports

When ever you run a report, simply click the above icon to get access to the Smart Filters and be able to apply the actions. 

Click to Email

Once you have segmented your data, you can then send an Email to all or just a select few of the list in one simple click.