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With Popcorn's video series you will learn how leading industry experts develop:

  1. Effective Email Marketing Strategies
  2. Effective Messaging
  3. Powerful Lead Generation Strategies
  4. Strong Relationships With Your Readers

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Feedback From popcorn Customers

Through our interviews we want to show you how senior level marketers approach Email Marketing. Maybe, just maybe, this could give you some fresh perspective on your marketing strategy, same as our workshops do. See below how we have helped our customers!

Centric HR

Understanding how Email, Social Media and websites can work together so that Email Marketing can be as effective as possible. Thank you, really informative - I feel like i have learnt a lot!

Sandra Berns Director


Simple ideas and steps that we could all do, helping us to link the big picture, with small steps and tasks ...

Lisa Thompson Direcotor

Pink Spagetti

The back to basic approach of the workshop really added value, it reinforced some of the most simple Email Marketing tips we can sometimes forget.

Namrita Sharma Franchisee