The really simple to use
Customer Acquisition System  

Popcorn gives you all the essential CRM tools you need to find the golden nuggets in your database, it does this by nurturing and converting sales relationships in a matter of seconds. 

Typically we work with SME's where people are using entry level software like MailChimp and their data is all over the place, or they are frustrated using costly and complex tools like Hubspot.

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Which describes you best? Are you...

Using multiple entry level software products.

(MailChimp, ClickFunnels, Pipedrive, etc) and want all your data in one place.

Using complex and costly CRM like HubSpot / Zoho?

These are great systems, but they are often not a good fit for the average SME!

Losing sales and missing opportunities?

By identifying and scoring contact engagement, you can identify and influence buying behaviours 

Not sure which CRM is right for you?

Choosing a CRM can be hard, with so many out there, how do you make the right decision for now? 

See how we make Customer Acquisition Simple...

popcorn... at the heart of your sales cycle... 

Typically popcorn's customers are  SME's who have been using entry level software like MailChimp and their data is all over the place, or they are frustrated using costly and complex tools like Hubspot - Leading them to become frustrated when they miss a sale or lose an opportunity.

A typical popcorn customer achieves a return on investment of £185 for every £1 spent with us, increases Sales Conversion rates by 200% and halves the amount of time spent on managing Email Marketing and data. 

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How we do it ...

The really simple to use CRM keeps all your contacts in one place, add notes, reminders and organise everything in a clear timeline... Learn More >>

Use the drag & Drop Sales Pipelines and Automation to manage your contacts through the sales funnel, tracking progress to give greater engagement… Learn More >>

Quickly and easily categorise your data based in seconds with powerful filtering tools, to ensure each of your marketing campaigns targets the right prospects...  Learn More >>

The integrated Email Marketing tools allow you to nurture and automatically identify prospects as they engage with Emails, Landing Pages and your Website... Learn More >>

Use the powerful intelligence to flag up “hot” leads into direct communication in order to save time and ultimately increase conversion rates...Learn More >>

Congratulations, you have nurtured a Contact from being an anonymous name in your database, right through to being a loyal Customer…  Learn More >>

Is popcorn right for your business?

Finding the right Customer Acquisition System  can be a minefield, below is our simple guide to what suits a business at each point of their journey.


As a Start-up, you might be using loads of free or entry-level software that allows you to get the job done; but now you realise that your data needs to be all in one place and you find yourself wasting time and effort just to keep on top of it. 

Growth Businesses

A typical popcorn customer is looking for a simple solution that brings all the essential Marketing  tools together, so they can quickly and easily manage their data and convert customers faster, whilst allowing them to grow into a larger solution when they are ready.
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Large Businesses

A typical large business  will be looking for a fully customised software solution to deliver complex reporting to their management team. 

To achieve this they will usually undertake lengthy implementation periods, detailed training sessions and be prepared to endure expensive monthly fees 

What our Users Love about popcorn...

Joe Trodden CEO
Simon McNidder Director
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Mindset Experts

...I love the fact that I can track the customer journey from opening an email, right through to what they are doing on the website. So I know exactly what's working and who is interested.
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Database First Aid,

I’ve been in email marketing and marketing database for a long time – and it’s always nice to learn something new. And be reminded of things you have forgotten.

popcorn’s workshop was interactive, got you thinking and had plenty of practical action points to take away with you.

"popcorn is a lot easier to use and less clunky than Hubspot"


From the outset you have been efficient and courteous, the product is amazing.

It is easy to use even for a luddite like me!

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We love how easy it is to email over 3000 members in the space of a few minutes.equity-release-club-logo-trans

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