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A typical popcorn user returns £185 for every £1 spent and has been previously using basic Marketing Tools such as MailChimp and Excel, but they didn’t have the need for the more time consuming and costly solutions like HubSpot and InfusionSoft. 

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See how we make Customer Conversion Simple...

Reasons to use popcorn ...

We work with Business Owners who have grown a team and are still involved in day-to-day sales, but just don’t need the level of intricate reporting that a Sales Director would.

popcorn brings your customer data together in one place with ALL the essential marketing tools you’ll need to allow you to easily segment your contacts and be able to track prospect activity online, then target sales using the powerful Lead Qualification features.  There are NO hidden upgrade fees and all of this is backed up with responsive and friendly phone support.

A typical popcorn user:
- Saves up to 5 hours every week 
- Achieves an ROI of £185 for every £1 spent
- Increases Sales Conversation Rates by 200%

Is popcorn right for your business?

Finding the right Sales & Marketing software can be a minefield, below is our simple guide to what suits a business at each point of their journey.


As a Start-up, you might be using loads of free or entry-level software that allows you to get the job done; but now you realise that your data needs to be all in one place and you find yourself wasting time and effort just to keep on top of it. 

Growth Businesses

A typical popcorn customer is looking for a simple solution that brings all the essential Marketing  tools together, so they can quickly and easily manage their data and convert customers faster, whilst allowing them to grow into a larger solution when they are ready.
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Large Businesses

A typical large business  will be looking for a fully customised software solution to deliver complex reporting to their management team. 

To achieve this they will usually undertake lengthy implementation periods, detailed training sessions and be prepared to endure expensive monthly fees 

What our Users Love about popcorn...

Nick Edwards MD
Karin Henson Director
Georgina Oxton Strategic Sales Manager
Dawn Adlam Director
Keri Dunne


From the outset you have been efficient and courteous, the product is amazing.

It is easy to use even for a luddite like me!

Aeris Employment Law

Your team did a fabulous Email template design and I received very positive responses from all who received the Email.

... robust lead qualification features to help prioritise and maximise business opportunities

It's really easy to use, I get responses every time and the team are always happy to help.Dawn Adlam from the Biz Links Logo

Equity Release Club

We love how easy it is to email over 3000 members in the space of a few minutes.equity-release-club-logo-trans

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