by Simon (popcorn)

June 9, 2020

Andy Bounds is an Internationally renowned Communication and Sales expert, Best-selling Author and has been awarded the title “Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year”.  He has delivered keynotes to blue-chip companies, Governments, professional bodies and his sales advice has impacted countless businesses.  Now, he can add that he has been in a “Behind the Email Interview with Simon Washbrook”!  In this interview Andy discusses how he teaches CRM and Email Marketing to be used effectively to drive customer sales. 

We have broken the 50 minute interview down into bite-sized sections, so that you can watch them at your leisure or if you prefer, you can view the whole interview in one go. Enjoy the nuggets of wisdom and please leave feedback on how this has helped your thinking and actions… 

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How Andy Bounds became the UK's Leading Sales Coach (3 mins)

How to use Emails as a Route to Sales (2 mins)

How effective are companies at using CRM (2 mins)

How do you know when an Email is working (1 min)

What software intelligence do you use to support your sales process (1 min)

How much of a buying decision is made before contacting sales (3 mins)

How to get past a gatekeeper on a sales call  (4 mins)

How do you use Intelligence to drive sales engagement (2 mins)

How to improve your cold Email open rates (3 mins)

What Preparation should you do before a sales call (3 mins)

How should I use Email Marketing to support a sales conversation (2 mins)

How to nurture a prospect who is not ready to buy (2 mins)

What stops businesses using CRM and losing Sales (4 mins)

How to choose the right CRM for your business (2 mins)

How to chose a CRM that will be right in 5 years (3 mins)

What is the biggest hurdle for sales people using CRM (3 mins)

How to keep Sales simple (2 mins)

How do you target prospects with your CRM (4 mins)

What buying signals do you look for in prospects (3 mins)

Should you do the same as your competition ​(4 mins)

How to use Email to enhance your sales process (3 mins)

Watch the full interview (50 mins)

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