Adding a Note to popcorn’s CRM in just 15 Seconds

The reason that CRM’s don’t work for most users and businesses is SIMPLE.. The users don’t put the information into them, and the reason why is even simpler – 72% of CRM users would give up all the bells and whistles, for a CRM that was easy to use. Which is why we designed popcorn […]

  • a couple of months ago

Keep your emailing list dynamic

You can spend all the time in the world perfecting your subject lines, finding the optimal broadcast time and improving your server reputation, but if you’re not sending your emails to contacts that are in a buying cycle, then all that time spent perfecting your emails is time wasted! Most email marketers will spend a lot […]

  • a few months ago

Keep your emails simple and effective!

What would make you read an email? That is one of the first thing you need to consider when writing an email yourself. A lot of the time you want to cram as much information as possible into that first initial email, in order to make sure that the person in question has all the information they need. […]

  • a few months ago

Ways to avoid the spam filter

Did you know that only 79% of emails sent reach subscribers’ inboxes? This is because spam filters scan your email before they reach the recipient in order to decide if you should end up in their inbox or not. However, sometimes normal marketing emails get stopped by the spam filters, which means that even though […]

  • a few months ago

People buy from people

People buy from people. We’ve all heard if before, but it can be easy to forget. A lot of the time we take the role of “company”, and forget to be the person behind it all. Consumers want personal connection, and in order to give that, we might have to step away from our role […]

  • a few months ago

Take ownership of your unsubscribes

Being sent email after email with information you neither want nor need is always a bit annoying. We’ve all been there, having to spend time unsubscribing to countless marketing emails. It feels great to clean up your inbox, however for the businesses sending out these emails it’s everything but great. As a business, you’ll have to […]

  • a few months ago

How to convert Bounced Emails into a Sales.

Email Marketing is a powerful Marketing tool that is used effectively by most companies. Although popcorn Sales & Marketing customers have moved from sending the traditional mass Marketing Emails, to tracking their customers engagement. So that they know when their customers are ready to buy and why.  But there is a powerful source of information […]

  • a few months ago

Tutorial; How to design a simple email with Popcorn

Want to create some exciting emails but not really sure where to start? In this video Popcorn founder Simon shows you some of the basic steps in order to crate a nice looking template for your emails. Keeping it simple whilst making it look professional!

  • a few months ago

BSO Presentation

Thank you for attending the Popcorn BSO workshop! As promised you can now download the slides from the presentation. I hope you find them useful! If you’d like a free trial of Popcorn, click HERE. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION HERE

  • a few months ago

Twitch cofounder Emmett Shear on the importance of interactive entertainment

Emmett Shear, cofounder of streaming site Twitch, shares his vision on the future of interactive entertainment. According to him we’re going back to shared experiences, and instead of watching a film or playing a game alone at our home we now interact with others on streaming platforms etcetera. He compares with telling stories around a […]

  • a few months ago

How to make choosing easier according to Sheena Lyengar

We all want customized experiences and products — but when faced with hundreds of options, consumers easily freeze up and can’t decide. With fascinating new research, Sheena Iyengar demonstrates how businesses can improve the experience of choosing.   She says that too many options offered could have a negative consequence on the consumers ability to […]

  • a few months ago

What consumers want – TEDx Joseph Pine

As relevant as ever, Joseph Pine’s 2004 Ted Talk on what consumers want is still applicable. His main focus is the importance of authenticity, which he breaks down in three easy steps:   1. Don’t say you’re authentic unless you really are authentic.    2. It’s easier to be authentic if you don’t say you’re […]

  • a few months ago

Neuromarketing: The new science of consumer decisions | TEDx by Terry Wu

In this very interesting TEDx Talk, Terry Wu talks about how and why people buy. Over the last 20 years, growing research from Neuroscience, Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics has been providing new insights on how the brain makes buying decisions, which gave birth to a new field; Neuromarketing.   Dr. Wu explains in an […]

  • a few months ago

The agony of trying to unsubscribe – TEDx James Veitch

We’ve all been there; the same company sending email after email even though you’ve unsubscribed! Comedian James Veitch turned his frustration into humor when a local supermarket refused to take no for an answer.   Popcorn helps you track who’s interested (and probably wants more emails) and who to scrap from the emailing list. It […]

  • a few months ago

Building sustainable consumer relationships – TEDx Talk with Mark Morin

“Today’s customer is skeptical, connected and well informed” says Mark Morin, customer relationship builder. He advices that instead of always emphasising selling, brands should try and be more personal since this catches consumers attention.   Popcorn can help you with this by tracking your emails and see who engages, what they engage in and if […]

  • a few months ago

Wanna know to Get Your Brain to Focus? Chris Bailey explains how!

Overstimulation of the brain is getting more and more common among humans due to the increasing use of technology, which makes us loose focus. So, how do we harness our attention to focus deeper, get distracted less, and even become more creative?    Chris Bailey, author of the recent book Hyperfocus, argues that less technology […]

  • a few months ago

Neuromarketing: Knowing Why You Buy – TEDx Talk with Sam Usher

In this interesting TEDx Talk, Sam Usher talks about Neuromarketing and consumer psychology, and how layout and angles can change people’s engagement with content.   Sam works at NielsenConsumer Neuroscience, a neuromarketing company that uses a variety of neuroscience technologies to analyze the effectiveness of advertising, packaging, in-store elements, and more. He believes that advertising […]

  • a few months ago

Behind the Email Interviews – Teaser

In the second episode of popcorn’s ‘Behind The Email’ series, Oliver Hills from Birmingham Updates shares his take on email marketing and gives reasons why email is an important channel, especially for SMEs. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • 7 months ago

Learn Why Databases First Aid Loves popcorn Email Marketing

A recent testimonial – Learn Why Databases First Aid Loves popcorn Email MarketingI’ve recently started using Simon’s Popcorn email marketing software. It does more than just send newsletters and emails to my contacts. It’s really easy to create and tweak my sales pipeline, monitor activity with my contacts, and add reminders and tasks, for instance, […]

  • last year

New Feature: Changes Timeline

As part of our continual development of popcorn, we are very excited to introduce an important New Features: Changes Timeline to the Email Editor. The Email Editor now displays 3 different actions:Undo and Redo arrows that offer the classic pattern to move back and forth between changes.A history icon that expands a timeline of the latest changes: […]

  • last year

How to Identify More Leads with your Email Marketing?

Identify More Leads

To be fair most people do want to Identify More Leads with your Email marketing, but if you are using your Email Marketing to Identify More Leads you are probably wasting a lot of time and effort following up on false leads.  The reason, is that an Open is recorded every time an Email is […]

  • last year

How to avoid Email Spam Filters

As a follow-up to our new blog post on delivery rates, we wanted to fully explain what Spam Rating Tools are and how they can help you avoid Email Spam Filters and improve your delivery rates! 😉

  • last year

Telesales Tips: #1 Improve your call conversion rates by 80%

Okay, so you’ve worked really hard building an amazing telemarketing team and training them all with the best Telesales tips and tactics you know. You have probably even invested in the latest courses, so that they can get the best possible conversion rate when they pick up the phone and hit their call lists. But […]

  • last year

Landing Pages: Everything You Need to Know

What is a landing page? A landing page is a very simple page on your website where a prospect ‘lands’ after seeing an advertisement on one of your communication channels. This could be a Google ad, a Facebook ad or even a simple LinkedIn post. Your primary focus when designing a landing page is to […]

  • last year

Cold Emails aka Emails That Convert

Cold emails started to become a more and more common practice in B2B markets over the last few years. They have proved to convert very well (if written well) and one of their main advantages is how they usually stand out from other emails. If you are in B2B and want to increase your sales, […]

  • last year
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