Behind the Email Interviews – Teaser

In the second episode of popcorn’s ‘Behind The Email’ series, Oliver Hills from Birmingham Updates shares his take on email marketing and gives reasons why email is an important channel, especially for SMEs. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • a couple of months ago

Learn Why Databases First Aid Loves popcorn Email Marketing

A recent testimonial – Learn Why Databases First Aid Loves popcorn Email MarketingI’ve recently started using Simon’s Popcorn email marketing software. It does more than just send newsletters and emails to my contacts. It’s really easy to create and tweak my sales pipeline, monitor activity with my contacts, and add reminders and tasks, for instance, […]

  • 7 months ago

New Feature: Changes Timeline

As part of our continual development of popcorn, we are very excited to introduce an important New Features: Changes Timeline to the Email Editor. The Email Editor now displays 3 different actions:Undo and Redo arrows that offer the classic pattern to move back and forth between changes.A history icon that expands a timeline of the latest changes: […]

  • 8 months ago

How to Identify More Leads with your Email Marketing?

Identify More Leads

To be fair most people do want to Identify More Leads with your Email marketing, but if you are using your Email Marketing to Identify More Leads you are probably wasting a lot of time and effort following up on false leads.  The reason, is that an Open is recorded every time an Email is […]

  • 9 months ago

How to avoid Email Spam Filters

As a follow-up to our new blog post on delivery rates, we wanted to fully explain what Spam Rating Tools are and how they can help you avoid Email Spam Filters and improve your delivery rates! 😉

  • 9 months ago

Telesales Tips: #1 Improve your call conversion rates by 80%

Okay, so you’ve worked really hard building an amazing telemarketing team and training them all with the best Telesales tips and tactics you know. You have probably even invested in the latest courses, so that they can get the best possible conversion rate when they pick up the phone and hit their call lists. But […]

  • 10 months ago

Landing Pages: Everything You Need to Know

What is a landing page? A landing page is a very simple page on your website where a prospect ‘lands’ after seeing an advertisement on one of your communication channels. This could be a Google ad, a Facebook ad or even a simple LinkedIn post. Your primary focus when designing a landing page is to […]

  • 11 months ago

Cold Emails aka Emails That Convert

Cold emails started to become a more and more common practice in B2B markets over the last few years. They have proved to convert very well (if written well) and one of their main advantages is how they usually stand out from other emails. If you are in B2B and want to increase your sales, […]

  • last year

10 Common errors that stop you Importing Data

We don’t like importing data spreadsheets with errors on them, which occasionally means a little extra time to get your importing data ready, but it means a far better database and better results for you in the end!1. Wrong file format – popcorn will import data from both .CSV and .XLSX (MS Excel) 2. Missing / […]

  • last year

Elon Musk: The Future We’re Building And Boring

If you have followed our blog you probably know that from time to time we like to share with our followers content that is not directly related to marketing. The mission of our blog is to educate and to do that effectively we want to broaden your horizons. Marketing (especially email marketing) is after all […]

  • last year

Email Marketing 101: How To Increase Delivery Rate?

If you have trouble understanding any industry jargon and buzzwords used in this article, have a look at our Glossary of Terms. This is where all the email marketing terms are defined and explained. Otherwise, enjoy this read 🙂 Sometimes your emails bounce and instead of landing in the mailbox they get lost in the […]

  • last year

Glossary of Terms for Email Marketing

We decided to write a quick cheat sheet for anybody who struggles to understand some of the email marketing buzzwords as well as for those of you how are already confident with email. The article is divided into two parts; first it’s going to walk you through all the general Email Marketing definitions and then […]

  • last year

Dan Cobley: What Physics Taught Me About Marketing

Take a moment and watch this TED talk from former Google Marketing Director Dan Cobley about how physics could be applied to branding & marketing. Even though it’s from 2010 we would say it’s even more relevant right now considering the scale of the digital transformation firms are currently undergoing. Our favourite quote: The act of […]

  • last year

4 + 1 Steps To Smarter Email Marketing

The founder of popcorn Email Marketing,Simon Washbrook, provides his recently published four steps to developing smarter email campaigns that add value to your readers and can increase your conversion rates dramatically. The below article originally appeared in PM magazine. For further details go to  

  • last year

popcorn Email Marketing vs MailChimp

When our popcorn team attends various expos and trade shows we often get asked if ‘we’re like MailChimp’. The answer is no, we’re better! MUCH better in fact. That is why we created this infographic for you where you can see an exact comparison between popcorn and MailChimp. The win is pretty self-explanatory here, isn’t […]

  • a couple of years ago

4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Email Marketing 

Even though many of us know email marketing from our daily interactions with newsletters, marketers often struggle with email marketing as they experience high unsubscribe rates and low open rates. In this article we will takcle such problems and give you 4 suggestions that could help you design better strategies, generate better email ideas and […]

  • a couple of years ago

How To Export Your Contacts From LinkedIn

Have a look at the updated infographic that shows how to export connections from LinkedIn. You can then directly import your connections to popcorn and add them to your pipelines. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below! popcorn is a smart, easy-to-use and efficient platform that not only helps you […]

  • a couple of years ago

Quiz: How Do You Rate As An Email Marketer

Do you consider yourself an effective email marketer? If yes, than here is a challenge for you! Find out how your email marketing skills rank against your competition. A short quiz that covers the essential ‘7 Steps to Smarter Email Marketing’.   popcorn is a smart, easy-to-use and efficient platform that not only helps you compose […]

  • a couple of years ago

CRM Buzzwords And What They Mean

How often do you come across a supplier who uses words you completely don’t understand? Or people at work (or at home if you live and breath marketing) trying to confuse you with fancy words to show everyone they know more than you? Too often. Because of that we created this short glossary of the most popular […]

  • a couple of years ago

What Does A Good CRM Database Looks Like?

What a good CRM database looks like

This is the most frequent question people ask us here at popcorn and Database First Aid. If you’re expecting a 10 second answer (i.e. a name of a database), you will be disappointed. Imagine you are buying a car for a moment. What are you going to use it for? Do you pull horses around every weekend? You […]

  • a couple of years ago

You Can’t Implement A CRM Database With Dirty Data. Or Can You?

You can’t implement a CRM database with dirty data. Or can you?

You ‘can’, and your users couldn’t care less about your data quality. Until they come to use it. I once had a database user complain I’d sent their family our business emails (I used to be an in-house CRM database manager). Your conversation will no doubt go something like mine did: THEM: “I did not give you those […]

  • a couple of years ago