by Simon (popcorn)

June 5, 2018

We don’t like importing data spreadsheets with errors on them, which occasionally means a little extra time to get your importing data ready, but it means a far better database and better results for you in the end!

10 common errors when importing data

1. Wrong file format - popcorn will import data from both .CSV and .XLSX (MS Excel)

2. Missing / blank email addresses - We use the Email address as a Unique identifier to avoid duplicating contacts, therefore if it is missing we cannot import data.

3. Non-English Text - popcorn is built around the English language and when you try to import text that is non-English (i.e. Chinese, Latin and Cyrillic), it doesn’t understand it. We are constantly adding new languages, so this will become easier over time - très bonne!

4. Multiple lines of text in a cell - popcorn can only import one lot of data per cell, so it you have multiple lines it does not know what to do with it.

5. Images in your spreadsheet - If you have Images / Charts / Media in your spreadsheet, these need to be removed before Importing Data - text only please.

6. Multiple Sheets - We import one sheet at a time, so if you have more than one in your spreadsheet, you will confuse popcorn as it won’t know which one you need.

7. Merged Cells - Similar to the above, popcorn can only import one lot of data per cell, so if you have merged cells, we get confused and we wouldn’t want it put in the wrong place...

8. ‘Open Office’ Documents - Files that have been converted from ‘Open Office’ to an excel file, often have code hidden in them which is very hard to find and causes loads of problems when Importing Data.

9. Corrupt data- Need we say more, if it’s broken we cannot fix it...

10. Poor Formatting - Take your time to ensure that the emails you add are correct, as errors such as a missing @ or an extra ‘Space’ will flag up an error when importing data and building your database.

...and a Few Top Tips that fix most Import Issues!

TOP TIP - Copy and paste your data into a new spreadsheet using Special ‘Paste as Value’, to remove the code that shouldn’t be there.

 - Use Conditional Formatting, select ‘Clear-cut rules’ from the Sheet to remove most formatting.

 - Turn on ‘Wrap Text’ this can help you find out if you have information on more than one line.

 - Saving your file in a .CSV format, as it automatically fixes many import issues.

 - If you still cannot see the error, try opening the spreadsheet in a different programme, like Google Sheets to see if it appears differently.

Otherwise, If you are still experiencing import issues, please give us a call on 0121 318 8 318 or che

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