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Why Agencies love to use us

When we recently re-designed popcorn, we asked the Agencies we worked with one simple question - 'why do your Clients use Email Marketing?'

The answer was a simple one - 'to Win more Sales!'

So, the new and improved popcorn not only makes the process of Creating, Sending and Reporting on your Clients' Emails as simple as possible, but it also provides your Clients with Automated Sales Prospecting that can either be exported out (Excel) or managed in popcorn's Sales Pipelines - which gives HUGE added value to your Clients. 

All of our Agency clients are offered:

  • Set up of their first Email Marketing Campaign, so you can see how easy it is to use
  • Phone support when you have any Technical questions or just want some advice
  • Scheduled Monthly Phone Support, to touch base and answer any questions you may have
  • Automated tools that develop and qualify a Sales Pipeline that be delivered to your Clients
  • Extra profit by developing and managing your Clients' Campaigns

In addition to this, we are at the other end of a phone (0121 318 8 318) or email if you are not sure how to do anything or just want to find out how to improve your response rates. We are also constantly developing our ‘How to Videos’ and have put together a series of short and really simple click by click videos that show you how to use most of the features. 

Richard Swann Regional Director

Viper Marketing

The workshop was well presented with content that was relevant to all of the attendees despite the diverse nature of their individual businesses. It involved a good blend of speaker presentation and delegate activity, allowing everyone to apply some of the teaching to their real-life business needs.Viper Marketing

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