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  • Website tracking, not displaying URL in Contact Time line
  • Tasks list does not scroll, if your curser is over the list (it does work to the side)
  • SPAM Rating Tool, is not registering broken personalisation fields
  • Contact popup - Custom fields are not editable
  • Delete Email option missing from campaign overview
  • app.popcorn.email, is displaying the old website structure. 
  • 'New Prospects' pipeline, not automatically being added when a new account is created
  • Contacts not displaying in pipelines, if their score is less than 1
  • Advanced Filters Tags - Not filtering correctly
  • When adding a follow up date to a note in Contact popup, before saving, the popup disappears when you click the date save button
  • Issue with the contact popup timeline, not showing Click and website activity
  • Issue with the contact popup timeline, not showing correct scoring next to activities
  • Increase the site timeout time and add a 'Remember me' check box at login
  • Intermittent error - Contacts  disappeared off screen when hitting the enter key whilst adding tags. The contact cannot be found with the search bar, but i can be found  via the recently added filter
  • Intermittent error message when moving a person across columns in the sales pipelines
  • Tags over lapping Sales Pipelines text
{"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}