​Our Partners: Database First Aid


  • Merging multiple contact lists & combining duplicate contacts
  • Showing you how to make more effective use of your marketing data
  • Finding you the right CRM software and ensuring a successful implementation

If your CRM database or marketing data is giving you a headache, that’s what Database First Aid solves.

Simon has spent over 20 years using, managing and implementing CRM databases, winning 2 national CRM industry awards during this time.

Simon McNidder

If your database or data is giving you headaches, Database First Aid has just the tonic


Name: Simon McNidder
Phone: 07919 568 655
Address: Solihull

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So, what's your headache?

Are you fed up with seeing duplicate contacts all over your database?

Do you despair at the number of mailing, contact and marketing lists you have?

Are you thinking about getting a CRM system, but unsure where to start?

Dreading merging all your data into one format so you can use your new CRM system?

Fed up that your database isn’t generating enough sales leads?

How Simon fixes your CRM headache

He’ll work with you, as relevant to your situation to fix your issue. Whether it’s merging lots of lists together or setting you up with a full CRM system. If you want to manage the process yourself, Simon will offer you advice and lead you through your project. Don’t have the time or inclination to tackle the project yourself? Simon can do the whole project for you!

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