I'm losing sales and missing opportunities?

If you're losing sales and missing opportunities due to your CRM, you are probably falling into one of two camps:

1 - you're using multiple entry level software products like MailChimp, Trello, ClickFunnels or spreadsheets, which means that your data is all over the place and nothing is joined up. Because of this you are not able to see the bigger picture, that you get from joining up elemetns such as your website tracking and your CRM, which menas you end up missing when your prospects are undertaking research and have not yet reached out to you or your competitors.


2 - you are using complex and costly software like HubSpot and Zoho, and don’t have the time / team to run it to its full potential. When this happens you are usually spending more time trying to manage the system, rather than benefiting from the vast array of features that it offers (and you probably don’t ever use), or you have entered into a state of paralysis, where it takes so much time to do anything that you or your team don’t use it, rendering it useless, so you start losing sales.

A typical established SME that does not use a CRM, loses on average £72k every year in lost sales and missed opportunities, and the main reason that most businesses don’t use CRM is that it is just too complicated or takes up too much time.

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Whereas popcorn is a really simple to use CRM (Customer Conversion) system that focuses on telling you when your prospects are ready to buy and why. It does this by having all the essential tools that an average SME actually needs in one place, then using the CRM to automatically track customer behaviours across your Email Marketing, Website and landing pages. You can then use the Sales Pipelines, Workflow automation and Task management to help you progress your prospects through to customers. 

Case Study

Case Study for losing sales due to CRM

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