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The CRM package gives businesses the control to visually manage their data in one place, quickly see prospect conversations, and progress them through a simple and customisable sales process.

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CRM  + Nurturing 

The lead nurturing side of popcorn expands upon the CRM package, giving you the ability to track and automate prospect engagement, identify the hot prospects and nurture them through your sales process.

Discover how to find the golden nuggets in your database!


The CRM package gives businesses the control to visually manage their data in one place, quickly see prospect conversations, and progress them through a simple and customisable sales process.


See a simple and live timeline of a contact's activities, giving you the intelligence to understand exactly what your prospects are interested in and close prospects faster.

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Manage your contacts via a one-page activity list by adding reminders to notes, so you never miss an opportunity for lead nurturing again.

Coming soon: integrations with Google and Outlook Calendar.

Sales Pipelines

Create fully editable sales pipelines that allow you to view a contact's full activity history, schedule tasks, add notes and segment accordingly.

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Online Support

Access our easy-to-use support on the popcorn website, with click-by-click how-to videos on our Documentation page - plus online ticketing.


The lead nurturing side of popcorn expands upon the CRM package, giving you the ability to track and automate prospect engagement, identify the hot prospects and nurture them through your sales process.

CRM Package


Full Support

Access our phone line and specific email support as well as the online ticketing and click-by-click how-to videos.

Sales Lead Generation

By monitoring your contacts' activities, popcorn will automatically rate your contacts' engagement and give you a prospect list to follow up on.

Gif demonstrating popcorn's website activity tool and its lead scoring

Email Marketing

Highly visual and simple tools such as popcorn's drag + drop editor, spam filter checking, with full integration - ideal for nurturing sales prospect along their pipelines.

Workflow Automation

Set rules for managing your contacts along the sales process, from tagging and notifications about website visits, to autoresponder emails.

Coming soon!         

Website Tracking

popcorn's unique fingerprinting tool allows you to track your contacts whenever they visit your website, up to 3 months after opening your email.

Landing Pages

With a responsive in-system editor, popcorn imitates your brand and preserves existing links to give you fully personalised landing pages.

Gif demonstrating popcorn's landing page editor


View accounts globally and manage multiple users with admin control.

Coming early 2021...



Multi User

Admins can add multiple users to one account, allocating contacts, sales pipelines and reminders to users whilst keeping an individual or global overview.

The features our customers love

Joe Trodden - CEO 
Mindset Experts

Find out how Stef uses popcorn to convert your contacts into customers faster

Stefania Pellergrino - MD
Purely Plantain Chips

James Ellis 
Creative Alliance

Stephen Grinnell - Director 
InterX Pain Clinic

Simon McNidder - Director
Database First Aid

Laura Zahra McDonald

If you've got the questions, we've got the answers...

1. What is the minimum contract with popcorn?

Our philosophy is that you stay because you love us - not because you're stuck with us.

That's why popcorn offers a 30-day rolling contract, with no hidden or set-up fees. Plus, you can upgrade to extra bolt-ons if you require - and if it's too much, you can downgrade at any time.

2. Are there any setup or hidden fees?

We start as we mean to go on: we're transparent from day one, and we won't charge you any setup fees.

We won't surprise you with any hidden fees either, so you can be sure what you see on our pricing plan is exactly what you're paying.

3. What customer support do you offer?

All of our customers have access to our click-by-click how-to videos, designed to be as simple as possible so you're not put off by a steep learning curve at the start. Email support and ticketing are also provided, so support will never be far away.

Those with the Nurturing package also have access to our support line. You can find out more information here.


4. How long does it take to set up?

Everything is set up via our website. Once you've signed up, all you need to do is click on our activation email.

And that's it! There's nothing to download, and no waiting time: our customers have got everything up and running in 15 minutes!


5. How do I import my data into popcorn?

popcorn offers a simple .csv or Excel spreadsheet importing tool, eliminating the need to relay all your information individually. Don't worry about your column headings either - the importer allows you to map your column names during the process.

It also automatically de-duplicates your data, so there won't be any copies clogging up your CRM.

And if there's a problem with a piece of data, we'll make sure you're notified - we'll send you an Excel spreadsheet detailing the specific data we couldn't import and why that was the case.


6. What’s the difference between popcorn and Hubspot?

Hubspot is a highly advanced inbound sales, marketing and service software, with complex packages and a myriad of tools. Designed for large businesses, it comes with a hefty price tag and a lock-in approach to contracts.

popcorn is a simple to use, highly visual and intuitive service. It's been designed with small businesses in mind, with all necessary tools to make your marketing and lead generation much easier.

7. What's the difference between popcorn and Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics are lead generation-focused software that finds the IP addresses of anonymous website visitors so you can find their contact details.

popcorn's website tracking feature is more accurate - finding not just IP addresses, but their MAC addresses too. As long as you've emailed them, you know exactly who's looking on your website.

If the Managing Director of a company looked, you'll know about it. And if it was the intern instead - popcorn will clue you in.

8. How does popcorn’s lead generation work?

popcorn tracks and scores customer engagement across emails, website visits and workflow activity.

From that, it will automatically flag up cold, warm and hot prospects, allowing you to nurture them through your sales pipeline.


9. How much personalisation is there?

popcorn doesn't charge you extra for the chance to personalise your experience - though your system will be set on the default on setup, you'll be able to fine-tune from the word go. From adjusting the scoring system to our drag + drop editors, you can customise your settings and workspace throughout the system.

It's all part of making popcorn simple to use and highly intuitive - for you.

10. Does popcorn provide any training?

We've tried to make popcorn as simple as possible, but if you've got any questions or need any help, we have a huge collection of videos for you. Click-by-click so you can watch every step, and covering a wide variety of topics, they are made with you in mind. Plus, they're accessible any time, anywhere - just find them on our Resources page.