Sales & Marketing Features
Start Converting your Contacts Quickly & Easily

 Powerful Reporting & Data Segmenting in One Place

Open & Click reports are so yesterday... popcorn's Smart filters  can be applied to any list in popcorn,  showing you open & clicks,  web page visits, engagement ratings, tags, activity and much more in a matter of seconds.  You can then action these results  (Email, Tag, Add to Sales Pipeline, Export, etc...) or combine them to segment and target your contacts in seconds.

Drag & Drop 

One-Click Contact Manager

Reminders & Tasks

Click to Email

Engagement Scoring for Improved Contact Conversion

Knowledge is everything... by monitoring your Contacts' activities across Email and Webpage visits, popcorn  will automatically rate your Contacts' (Hot, Warm, Cool & Recent) engagement and give you a prospect list to target or follow up on. 

Identify More Prospects

Integrated with Sales Pipelines



Accuracy tracking via IP and Mac Address

The Features our Customer Love

Joe Trodden - CEO 
Mindset Experts

Find out how Stef uses popcorn to convert your contacts into customers faster

Stefania Pellergrino - MD
Purely Plantain Chips

James Ellis 
Creative Alliance

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InterX Pain Clinic

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Database First Aid

Laura Zahra McDonald

Branded Landing Page Creator 

Do you want to create a landing page that looks exactly like your website, in a matter of a few seconds? Well. now you can and it will have all the existing links in place, be fully editable and you will be able to insert personalisation ... 

See A Contacts Activity In One Click 

Want to see what a contact has been doing?  Wherever you see their name, just click to open the CRM and see a simple and live timeline of their activities, including Email, Website pages visited, Notes, Subscription status and Reminders. Giving you the intelligence to understand exactly what your prospects are interested in and close prospects faster.

How we Compare to the Competition



Simple to use CRM and fully integrated marketing Tools that tell you when your customers are ready to buy and why.

Complex Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise.

Grow your audience, create Email campaigns, and build your brand with Mailchimp's all-in-one Email Marketing Platform.

Email Marketing

Starter Package

£42 PM, per 1k contacts

Website Tracking

Starter Package

£42 PM, per 1k contacts

Unique Finger Printing

(IP & Mac Address)

Customisable Lead Scoring

One-Click CRM



Contact Activity Timelines

Sales Pipelines




Task Manager 

Smart Filters / Reporting

Campaign Folders

Custom Landing Pages

Customer and copy existing webpages

Advanced and Easy to use Drag & Drop Editor

UK - Technical Phone Support 

Professional  Package

£655 PM, inc 1k contacts

UK - Marketing Phone Support 

Professional  Package

£655 PM, inc 1k contacts

Integrations (Zapier)

Arriving May 2020

Marketing Automation 

Arriving May 2020

Professional  Package

£655 PM, inc 1k contacts

Single Step

Automatically Fill & Manage Your Sales Pipelines

Contacts that have engaged with your Emails are automatically added to visual Sales Pipelines that are fully editable, allowing you to quickly see who you need to follow up.  At the click of a button you can then see a full activity history,  schedule tasks, add notes and segment your contacts based on engagement levels and Email. 

Smart Filters

Actionable Reporting

All Reports

Click to Email

A Few More Features to Help You Convert Faster 

Smart Filters

Actionable Reporting

Reporting & Filters

SPAM Rating Tools

Drag & Drop Editors

Website Integration

Task Management

How to Guides

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