by Simon (popcorn)

March 19, 2021

Welcome to your new popcorn account! We hope you enjoy your stay. Now you’ve joined, it’s time to get settled in.

Just in case you needed a reminder, popcorn is here to offer you a visual, customisable service. It brings you the tools to manage and nurture your contacts into customers—all in one simple-to-use place. By bringing all your data together, you’ll save time and money, and spot the golden nuggets in your database.

popcorn founder Simon Washbrook has all the details for you in the video opposite. But you can also read below!

As CRM users, you'll be able to enjoy popcorn's:


Collect all your data and make your list dynamic, with easy-to-access contact profiles and thorough, customisable tagging.


Make sure you never miss a golden opportunity by letting popcorn do the work for you. Set up reminders so you’ll never forget to follow up.

Sales Pipelines

Manage your sales process visually: drag and drop your contacts to progress through columns that you have created, edited and managed yourself create. All so you can monitor your nurturing efforts every step of the way.


Email Marketing

Write and edit engaging emails, check them for spam ratings, and send them to contacts in your CRM. By making use of popcorn’s tagging system, you can set up campaigns for multiple, scheduled emails. All your emails, single or campaign, have metrics provided to show how effective they've been.

Landing Pages

popcorn’s landing page editor gives you the ability to clone one of your website pages. Then, you can edit it in a powerful, brand-consistent and personalised landing page.

Website Tracking

Track exactly which webpages your contacts are looking at, and target based on their actions.


Make nurturing even easier by setting rules in popcorn automatically. Set up tags, progress contacts along sales pipelines, send targeted emails, and receive notifications. All without lifting a finger.

Coming Soon

Track calls, set up company profiles and retain an overview of your team’s actions on popcorn—all with a new and improved UI.

With your new popcorn account, you can achieve an ROI of £185 for every £1 you spendall this for potentially half the time you’ve previously spent on the same essential processes.

Plus, if you want to upgrade to the full package for just £49 a month, you get the benefit of Email Marketing, Website Tracking and Automation. All this, without the nasty surprise of hidden contracts or unexpected fees.

Keep a lookout for upcoming emails that will show you how to make sense of these tools. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to visit our Customer Support page, or by visiting the Learning section on the blog.

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