by Simon (popcorn)

September 30, 2019

Email Marketing is a powerful Marketing tool that is used effectively by most companies. Although popcorn Sales & Marketing customers have moved from sending the traditional mass Marketing Emails, to tracking their customers engagement. So that they know when their customers are ready to buy and why. 

But there is a powerful source of information that most Email Marketeers miss out on and it can be gleaned from the basic reports that systems like MailChimp and HubSpot also generate. This knowledge is almost guaranteed to grow your list and drive sales at the same time, but most Marketeers look at it as a negative – it’s a Bounce report.

Traditionally, the Bounce Report is used to monitor list health and typically a 20% attrition rate is considered acceptable over a year, but it need not be. 

Bounces can be separated into two different types – Soft and Hard. A Soft bounce is where your Email was unable to be delivered due to temporary reasons, such as a full inbox or a short term problem. But this would be expected to be delivered on the next attempt. Therefore most Email Marketing platforms attempt to deliver to an Email address that Soft bounces three times, before turning it into a Hard Bounce. At this point it is not considered possible to deliver an Email to the inbox. Typically a Hard bounce is caused when the inbox or domain no longer exist, or there is a permanent fault in the way. 

So, how can you convert this Hard bounce into a Sale… Well, let’s assume that we are trying to email Joe Blogs at Acme & Co. We can safely assume that the Hard bounce is happening because Joe no longer works at Acme & Co. And if this has happened you can also presume that they have been replaced and that that person could be interested in speaking to you. This is where the traditionally frowned upon bounce turns into a golden sales opportunity. 

Simply, pick up the phone to Acme & Co, and explain that you have been trying to email Joe Bloggs. The company will be able to update you on the change in position and can probably put you through to Joe’s replacement, where you can introduce yourself, re-igniting the sales process and Opting them into your Email Marketing. 

But we are not finished with the sales opportunity yet, as if you are feeling brave, ask Acme & Co where Joe Bloggs has moved to, so you can pick up the phone to them in their new company, maintain the existing relationship and identify new Sales Opportunities. 

So, instead of losing Joe as a contact from your Email list, you have now retained him, gained a new one, and generated two new sales opportunities, all from a quick phone call. 

Simon Washbrook is the founder of Popcorn, which is a really easy to use Sales & Marketing platform that tells you when your customers are ready to buy and why, typically we save our users a day a week and generate £185 for every £1 they spend with us, to find out how we do this please click HERE

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