by Simon (popcorn)

March 22, 2021

Tagging your data can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend trawling through your database. It can help you organise your CRM quickly and effectively—and a tidy CRM means a tidy business.

You want pre-importing your tags to be as simple as possible. We want this process to be as simple as possible for you. So, here’s a guide on how to get it done.

1. Tags Columns

The easiest way to manage your data is for you to add tags. Don’t worry if you’re yet to have tags, as you can do this at a later date; however, for ease of use, it’s worth the time.

The simple way to do this is to add a column to your spreadsheet titled ‘Tags’. If this is information stored in your spreadsheet somewhere else, this is something for you to copy and paste over. Then ensure these are for the correct people. What matters is that popcorn can read a column that says ‘Tags’—it’s this that it will carry over into its system.

2. Separation

You also need to ensure that popcorn can read these tags as individual pieces of data. Separating these by commas will prevent popcorn from grouping these together as one piece of data, for example: Business Name, Likes Dogs, Content Marketer.

Sometimes multiple word tags are unavoidable for a business, so that’s why the comma system works. Multiple word tags don’t interfere because the comma is the indicator.

3. Importing

Simplicity is key, and getting it right from the start makes the process easier. Compiling all your tags into one spreadsheet is the way to go—especially if your data is in multiple places. It doesn't matter whether this is an existing spreadsheet, or an entirely new one: the most important thing is to keep your data and your tags together.

If you’ve got more than one version of the same contact, popcorn will de-duplicate that for you. Of course, we’ll never discourage you from doing a thorough check. This is also the perfect time to make sure your database is up to scratch for your business regardless.

4. Add/Edit Tags via Contact/Popup

People change, and so do their preferences. So, you’ll need to add or change information for a contact in the future. You don’t have to rely on your original import for all your tags. You can change or add tags through the contact popup, or through the Action button.

You might want to add or change a tag through the contact profile. To do this, head over to the right side of the popup where your Current Tags header is. There should be a search box in which to add new tags, or search for previous ones already in popcorn’s database. Searching for an existing tag and selecting it will add it to this specific profile. Typing in a new one will allow the new tag to be searched for in the future. Or, you can select a tag from the dropdown of recent searches.

5. Add/Edit Tags via Action

Alternatively, you can add tags to singular or multiple contacts via the Action button. Clicking on that button will give you an option to add/remove tags from a selected pipeline or campaign. If you want to remove a tag, click ‘Remove’ and choose the desired tag from the middle drop-down box. You can also type in which tag, which will then bring it up in the dropdown you require. If you want to add a tag, click ‘Add’ and then type it into the box. You can also de-select specific people within a campaign or pipeline. Confirming the action will add/remove the tag to/from the contacts selected, saving you a lot of time in the process.

Because of these actions, your database should have the correct tagging system in place. Therefore, you can search for contacts via tags and keep yourself up to date with their individual aspects as you’re selling to them.

6. Automation

Once your tags are fully imported into your database, you can combine them with your automation. By setting up rules, you can allocate or remove tags based on your contact’s behaviour. For example, if they’re visiting specific pages on your website, popcorn will add a tag to your contact detailing what they’re interested in.

If you’ve got any more questions about tagging, feel free to visit the Getting Started page on our website.

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