Learn Why Databases First Aid Loves popcorn Email Marketing

A recent testimonial - Learn Why Databases First Aid Loves popcorn Email Marketing

I’ve recently started using Simon’s Popcorn email marketing software. It does more than just send newsletters and emails to my contacts. It’s really easy to create and tweak my sales pipeline, monitor activity with my contacts, and add reminders and tasks, for instance, call X person on X date, sending me a reminder email as well as displaying the looking task in the system when I logon. I particularly like the SPAM count feature, which shows me if anything in the system is likely to be a trigger for the internet’s SPAM software to look at my email unfavourably. This is a feature rich system. I’m looking forward to being able automate emails and actions, and to track what a contact does after they’ve clicked in my emails and are browsing my various website pages – scoring them for engagement so I don’t have to spend ages trying to work out who is a hot prospect to pick up the phone to - or not. I’m moved from Mailchimp, and although Popcorn is slightly more expense, you get what you pay for. Simon’s customer service is excellent too. Gone are the days I’ll be struggling trying to work something out, just pick up the phone to see if there is a better way of doing it. Plus he offers advice on where my emails could be improved. A fountain of knowledge. Wish I’d moved to Popcorn earlier. Simon always has a cheery smile, no matter what query I come up with, and I can fully recommend Popcorn email. Get in touch if you’d like to know what’s it’s like as a user.
  • last year