by Katie Prime

December 18, 2020

Like any marketer, Simon realised early on how fundamental it is to know your sales process inside and out. What's the point of finding prospects if you're only set to lose them?

When it comes down to it, it makes all the difference to have a sales pipeline laid out in front of you. But that's not enough: as your business evolves, your sales process needs to adapt too. Otherwise, you could miss out on vital opportunities. 

If you're struggling to picture your sales process, this may be the very thing you need. Prevent your prospects from slipping through your fingers by keeping them accounted for, but easily accessible.

That's exactly what popcorn does - helping you visualise exactly what you need to make your business grow. It's with you every step of the way, adjusting as you need so you can keep your business flowing. With a profile box and tag categorisation, popcorn puts your thoughts on the screen. Rest assured, it gives you the space to bring your A-game and close that sale.

Want to see how it works? Just watch the video below and glimpse popcorn in action!

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