by Simon (popcorn)

September 23, 2020

popcorn is the really simple to use Customer Acquisition System. 

Popcorn gives you all the essential CRM tools you need to find the golden nuggets in your database, it does this by nurturing and converting sales relationships in a matter of seconds. 

Typically we work with SME's where people are using entry level software like MailChimp and their data is all over the place, or they are frustrated using costly and complex tools like Hubspot - Leading to annoyance when they miss a sale or lose an opportunity.

A typical popcorn customer achieves a return on investment of £185 for every £1 spent with us, increases Sales Conversion rates by 200% and halves the amount of time spent on managing Email Marketing and data. 

In short,  popcorn’s simple to use and powerful system makes Customer Acquisition a joy.

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