How to Convert Social Media Contacts into Customers 

Learn what PRM is and how 'PRM NOW', can help you Manage, Nurture and win more customers.

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Are you posting loads of stuff on Social Media, but not getting the sales conversion you want? 

In this 'PRM NOW' guide, I will take you through 6 quick and simple steps. These will show you how to convert your social media Contacts into Prospects, and then how you can win more sales from them, once they are customers. 

Step 1 - POST (4 mins)

'Post', covers social media and how to start generating quality engagement. 

Step 2 - REACT (5 mins)

'REACT' discusses how to drive more 'POST' engagement and how to identify time wasters and real prospects.

Step 3 - MANAGE (3 mins)

'MANAGE' is a vital part of converting your Social Media Contacts whilst ensuring that leads are not missed.

Step 4 - NURTURE (4 mins)

'NURTURE' is about cultivating your leads, so that the opportunities stand out. 

Step 5 - OPPORTUNITY (5 mins)

‘OPPORTUNITY’ goes though how to turn all the opportunities and successfully spot the HOT prospects.

Step 6 - WON (6 mins)

Now you’ve “WON” the customer, what should you do to turn them into advocates?