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Why We Do What We Do & What Makes Us Tick

Popcorn was born from frustration, before starting the company Simon (popcorn Founder) had worked in marketing roles for corporate beasts and had gone on to establish a successful Marketing Company that specialised in delivering Email marketing campaigns for SME’s. As time went on he rapidly realised that Sales are the core driver behind most of the emails that his customer sent, but to be able to identify Sales you need to identify Engagement and it needs to be easy to use.. 

72% of SME CRM users would give up on all the extra features just to get a platform the was easy to use, leading them to stop using the software and losing over £72k every year in lost sales and missed opportunities. 

Which is why Simon built popcorn as a really easy to use Sales & Marketing platform that helps our users turn anonymous databases in to loyal customers. it does this by seamlessly integrating Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, Website Tracking, One-Click CRM, Sales Pipelines and Task Management in one easy to use place. Meaning that you have the tools to identify who is showing buying signals, then have the tools to easily manage them through your Sales process. 

Simon also knows that good customer support is key, so we ensured that our customers had access to Click by Click how to videos and could always pick up the phone to get both Technical or Marketing support. 

… 5 years later popcorn was born to a very proud Founder and the rest is rapidly becoming history. 

Sales are the core driver behind most of the emails that our users send- this is why I built popcorn, to make their live easier!

Simon Washbrook
Founder of popcorn Sales & Marketing

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I am more than happy to discuss this with anyone looking to either attend one of Simon’s workshops, or use his product. I can wholehearted recommend him

Simon McNidder Director
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