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Why we do what we do & what makes us tick....

After graduating, Simon Washbrook (Founder of popcorn) spent a decade working in large organisations, where he gained experience using a variety of CRM systems to support established and new sales functions.   

Simon started his first business as a Marketing Consultant, and found himself regularly delivering e-mail campaigns for small businesses.  He was, however, always frustrated with the results, as the tools available only gave you vanity metrics, (such as open and click rates) that do not tell you anything about your prospects’ sales engagement.

One of the driving factors behind Simon’s passion for having clear and methodical processes is his dyslexia. Thinking about how he could improve the effectiveness of using a myriad of sales systems that were way to complex, led him to develop popcorn.  His aim was to bring together all of the essential marketing tools that a typical small business needs into one, simple to use, platform.  - An objective that you would have thought was obvious - but apparently not! 

Simplicity has always been the key objective for Simon. He regularly saw people trying to use multiple entry level systems to manage their sales process (like MailChimp, spreadsheets, Trello, etc…) but they ended up losing data and wasting time.  Or else small businesses were moving to software that was designed for bigger companies (like HubSpot, SalesForce & InfusionSoft), which just became very costly and too complex for their size of business.  - This again led to sales paralysis.

Simon knew that ease of use needed to be at the heart of everything popcorn did.  In fact, established CRM platforms often justify their costs with way too many features, making the experience too ‘clunky’, and leading the user to just stop using them!  This desire to make our users’ lives simpler is particularly evident when you see a smile of Simon’s face after he has heard that a new client, who had been struggling with their CRM and sales nurturing, tries popcorn for the first time and loves it. 

Over the past 6 years Simon has worked with many individual clients and delivered workshops to hundreds of small business owners and Entrepreneurs. During the lockdown, he decided to launch these workshops to a broader audience online with a series of bite-sized training videos.  So now even more small businesses can learn that building an effective sales process is not rocket science – it’s simple!

This simple approach has lead him to being a finalist in numerous prestigious awards and recently winning an Award for Innovation from the Dyslexia Awards. 

 In addition to work, Simon is married to an amazingly understanding wife, with whom he has 3 wonderful children. They have all learnt to tolerate his  love of Star Wars Lego and patterned shirts, but please don’t hold that against him. 🙂 

Sales are the core driver behind most marketing activities - this is why I built popcorn, to make prospecting simplier!

Simon Washbrook
Founder of popcorn 


Flexible Minds

Thanks for the course, I really enjoyed it and found the practical tools and exercises especially helpful. Now for the tricky bit…. DOING IT!

Sarah Moore - Director


Acquiring new business whilst rewarding can also be hard work but Simon manages to soften the hard work element leaving us with just the rewards and subsequent improvement to the bottom line in our accounts.

Alan Bradbury - Director


From the outset you have been efficient and courteous, the product is amazing.

It is easy to use even for a luddite like me!

Nick Edwards - MD

Hampton Group

absolutely priceless customer service, thank you.

Jemma Richards - Group Marketing & Brand Manager

The BizLinks

In the years I have been using popcorn the Team have been fantastic. His knowledge, support and advice has been invaluable. They endlessly patient with me and the results from the regular communication with my database of connections, always generates responses. popcorn is a major feature of my marketing strategy, I can’t thank Simon and his team enough for helping me to get started and his ongoing questions, answers and guidance along the way, thank you so much.

Dawn Adlam - Director

Equity Release Club

We love how easy it is to email over 3000 members in the space of a few minutes.equity-release-club-logo-trans

Keri Dunne